Dear students

You are
like my diary.
I don’t even have to read your thoughts.
Check every Facebook status (you’ve written)
or look at every picture on “the wall”.
I think I know you.

You’ve hit puberty
and want to dive
straight into maturity.
Skipping every pimple, every new hair growing from your armpits.
Sweaty shirts, long / short skirts or being
overly self-conscious.

That first kiss.
It wasn’t that good, was it?
You were:
– nervous
– sweaty
– incredibly uncomfortable.
Not knowing how to bend the muscles of your tongue.
No idea of where your hands should belong.
you didn’t want to miss it.

Falling of your bike
for the first time
(since you where a kid).
We all know you had too much to drink.
Face first, into the cold and wet soil.
Of course, it had rained
and you were it’s victim.

You’ve hit puberty, and want to dive straight into maturity.
But did you focus, on the best parts?

in front of the mirror,
in conflict with who you are.

Insecure about,
You thought you where the ugliest by far.

Your eyes lips and skin.
Every compliment
it would never sink in.
Girls, boys, groups of lads
you thought you’d never fit in.
Punks, thugs, nerds, wallflowers
goths, jocks and hippie power.
You went throughout every phase,

but you’re insecurities
would always win.

You’ve hit puberty, and want to dive straight into maturity.
But did you fixate, on the best parts?

When is the last time
you’ve enjoyed
grass between your toes in spring.
Not thinking about bugs, not thinking about dirt,
not thinking about what others would think.

Not thinking at all

every smile,
the sweet taste of bliss,
falling over and laughing, because of your own clumsiness.

Standing still


enjoying the view.

The space between clouds you’ve never seen before.
Feeling how the winds, softly kisses your skin.
Sunbeams stroking your cheeks and
sensation in.

You’ve hit puberty, and want to dive straight into maturity
But did you concentrate on the best parts?

You’re always
rushing and running.
moving and shifting.
Always falling and tumbling into new adventures that feel like love for the first time.

You don’t get satisfaction from who you really are.

But I think you are:

You are unique.
You are as soft as new born sheep.
You are kind and caring, your eyebrows on fleek.
Your lips are tiny mountains from which men would take a leap.

You’ve hit puberty.
The most crazy time
compared to maturity!
slow down

And enjoy, the view
uncountable reckless memories.