50 shades of blue

Someone called her Lily,
but they never thought of asking her
if she would rather be a Robin.
So she did exactly what they expected,
Robin became a bouquet that got neglected.

At night
she would drown herself in color.
In daylight, she wore 50 shades of blue.
But standing alone is courageous
and I know she would rather be, outrageous.

Now Lily acts as if she can fit the crowd,
but actually, she is a lonely wolf.
Only after dark, her loudness would range
her posture and silhouette would change.

Although, Lily never owned her body,
she had to carry it, like a stone around her wrist.
All her limbs where too long
and she didn’t know, where she belonged.

She never intended to leave herself
neglect the bouquet they wanted Robin to be
but Lily couldn’t choose
between a color or two.

And grey had never complimented Lily anyway.

I’ve never seen her move from a patch of grass to the woodlands,
I’ve never seen her transform from a herb to a Canis latrans.
But she shouldn’t own a watch
time can’t control nature,

Lily couldn’t own a clock
she should rather watch and learn.
That time will tell and life will bring
whatever change she needs.
She will burn bridges.
Unless she finds challenges,
to bend the rules of Mother Earth.

Because the bouquet inside her heart
searches comfort and support.

Someone called her Lily,
but Robin would suit a wolf.