Her name was Courage

She would stitch hearts on her denim jacket
for people to see her sleeves.
She would show the world the back of her tongue.
Because her name was Courage.

She never tagged along
when she felt the heat under her feet.
Because pestering seeds fear and fear brings defeat.
And Courage never belonged to the defeated,
she longed for honesty.

She’d tell a man if she felt he lied.
Showed a stranger her face when she cried.
Weeping is not a secret to keep
because her name is Courage.

Her emotions color the flag of her freedom.
Even though the sewing is crooked and the lines are jagged, the intensity of the dye show her stories.
And her stories inspired others.
Because her name is Courage
and Courage is what people need.

She never feared her life because
courageous means strong but smart.
People could count her blessing
by looking at her hearts.
And Courage possessed many many hearts of gold.
Obtained from all the truths she told.
Because cheating and lying never brought a traveler very far.

Courage means strong but smart.
Courage never puts her heart
at any risk. But shows people the different sides of it.
So people know that Courage knows what vulnerability is.

Courage taught me many lessons.
Showed me many things.
Courage told me how it feels
to be powerful.
Because showing the sensitive
is showing the world our sword.
Courage is my armor and the blade marks my words:

Tears and fears can be my power.
As long as I have Courage.
We will conquer the defeat.