Currently unbefriended

I wrapped it in trash can cardboard.
The grease covered the ugly that already had been there
so actually, the disgust lied naked.

Four friendships ago you emptied yourself.
I nurtured your homeless dinners,
put bandaid to your wholesome darkness,
I pushed light back into the corners
and completed the levels you failed.

Three friendships ago you showed me those corners.
There were cracks where I’d rubbed light into.
They seemed forced, deliberately torn.
But I smeared some plaster against it.

Hoping for days that contained softness and warm sweaters.

Two friendships ago I found jagged seams.
Going through your dirty clothes remembered me of how I once found you.
There were holes where I had knitted you clean patterns
and stains where I’d washed off your errors.
But you silently swore, one friendship further,
There would be no more plasters.

One friendship ago, we became acquaintances.
I waited too long to give you back phone calls unanswered.

You used to be a part of my daily basics.
But you never returned the favor.
I warmed up your cold strong brews.
I opened up my Antarctic heart to you.
I squeezed your hand, you kept us loose.
I’m facing the hidden disgust.

I crafted you presents
You threw me pins and needles
while asking you simple questions.
I lowered the standards.
You offered me dirty glasses.

This one way show should’ve been cancelled ages ago
but you werent finished crashing me into blind alleys.
I waited too long to give you back my unanswered presents.
So here’s one for you to unwrap:
Currently unbefriended.